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LUXITEX 108 is a leveling agent for polyester dyeing. Most of the leveling agents for polyester act as leveling agent through their retarding action. They tend to slow down the dye uptake by the polyester from the dyeing bath. Due to this they tend to reduce the final dye yield. LUXITEX 108 is class apart from these leveling agents as it is not a retarding agent. It has a dual action. At elevated temperature it becomes very slightly insoluble and forms a fine layer near the polyester surface. It is also having a moderate solvent action on disperse dye. Due to this the disperse dye gets dissolved in this fine layer. This dissolved dye is easily taken up by the polyester and this action is much more uniform compared to the action of dye uptake from the aqueous dispersion. Thus the dyeing becomes more leveled. Further it results in the higher final dye yield, compared to the conventional leveling agents.

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