Luxitex 229

Speciality Washing Agent Luxitex 229 Manufactuer, Supplier & Exporter

Luxitex 229 is primarily developed for washing of Disperse-Reactive Prints on polyester cellulosic blends. It can remove unfixed Disperse and Reactive tints from blend. However this product is more popularly used for washing of Reactive dyed blends with woven patterns. The cloth with weaving pattern having straps or squares with floats of viscose are dyed in Reactive colours. Polyester floats which are in alternative straps are theoretically expected to remain pure white in Reactive dyeing process. Unexpectedly some reactive colours tint polyester heavily and resist to wash off to white. Luxitex 229 washes such type of dyeings to give bright untinted polyester.The product is also used successfully without showing tinting or double impressions, for washing/Scouring of materials woven with dyed yarn patterns/designs

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