Preparatory Auxiliaries Peroxide Stabilizer Luxitex 310 Manufactuer, Supplier & Exporter

This is a specially developed product for controlled release of oxygen in the peroxide bleach bath. In the olden days Sodium silicate was used to stabilize the peroxide in the peroxide bleach bath. But there are limitations to the use of silicates as it is not much efficient in presence of higher concentrations of Caustic in the bath. Similarly when there is some hardness in the water being used in the process (which is very common) the silicate reacts with Ca and Mg salts forming insoluble hard deposits on the fabric. The total amount of residual solids also is higher in the spent water.

The use of LUXITEX 310 solves all these problems as it is more efficient, easily washable and non-reactive with Ca and Mg salts. The TDS levels of effluent water are also lower when LUXITEX 310 is used.

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