Luxitex AMAF

Finishing Agent Luxitex AMAF Manufactuer, Supplier & Exporter

In the hot and humid surrounding it is often seen that the socks that we wear emit bad odor fairly quickly. This increases the chance of growth of some pathogens and fungi. This also imparts bad smell and black spots on the fabric. During the transit of textile materials on High Sea due to hot and humid atmosphere the goods often get contaminated by pathogens.

LUXITEX AMAF is a Softener with anti-pathogen properties. This is an ECO-FRIENDLY, non-hazardous biodegradable product. It is based on some naturally occurring organic compounds which have excellent anti-microbial properties. We have further enhanced these properties by using our expertise. The softening obtained by using this product is excellent and with no reduction of wetting properties of the treated fabric. This product is totally free from any Chlorine, Phosphorus and other hazardous materials. Being very safe it can be used to soften any type of garments. After laboratory trials it may be used for surgical fabrics also.

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