Luxitex HBDN

Washing Agents Low foam Washing Agent Luxitex HBDN Manufactuer, Supplier & Exporter

LUXITEX HBDN is very efficient LOW FOAMING washing agent for reactive dyed or printed cellulosic materials. LUXITEX HBDN can be used very effectively on Jiggers, Winches, Open washing tanks (Kundies), Soft flow machines, Cabinates, Cheese dyeing machines, or also on Soaper machines with six or more than six compartments. LUXITEX HBDN has VERY GOOD STABILITY FOR HARD WATER up to 1200 ppm hardness.

When used as washing agent for reactives, LUXITEX HBDN gives tint free, pure white grounds along with better removal of printing gums, this helps in giving good finishes and gives bright prints. The use of LUXITEX HBDN with dyed materials improves the washing fastness.

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